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Toe poke football boots price

Give it a read, let the visual images and informal video run through your mind, give it a few minutes, then hit the comments with loto mondial what you think of this revolutionary concept boot!
The Result, deadly Accuracy, Amazing Power, Greater Safety and Supreme Comfort.
Uniquely the Boot has a 4th lethal kicking surface, our specially moulded toe to ensure you can kick with it with: Complete accuracy, More power, Faster strike (minimal back lift complete comfort 4).
Plus, and a very big plus, it will turn you from a one-footed to a two footed player.The time of year will play a part in your choice, depending on the weather and if you are playing close to or already at the start of the season.Got one to sell?Celebrity endorsements, many famous footballers have added their name to collections of football boots, and these are particularly popular with younger footballers playing in school leagues and under 15 teams.They are also often used for indoor pitches since the soles do not damage the surface.Most have their studs are built in permanently and these are called moulded studs.As crucial a part of the game the big-toe punt is, Im not sure that designing a boot just to compliment a hoofer is a very wise idea!Football Boots, there are many types of football boots to choose from, and several high-profile brands that all have reputations for high quality.The last major shake-up of the design of football boots also originated in Australia, when Craig Johnston invented the Adidas Predator 20 years ago.
Is the toe-punt to become a legitimate component of a modern footballers skill set?
Murray said the 4th Edge team would wait to see what the reaction was from the launch at the Planet Hollywood restaurant in Piccadilly Circus but was confident the product is ready to take to market.

The boot/cleat comes in UK sizes 7,8,9,10 and 11 and in two sole types: Multi-Ground ideal for artificial and firm ground surfaces.Safety: Tested by the UKs Leading Sports Laboratories, in comparable tests, against other leading World Brands, The Serafino 4th edge proved to be 249 safer.Harry Redknapp, who likes the added weapon of a harder toe, and Garth Crooks, who thinks strikers toe-poking the ball is where they will be most useful, are the high profile personalities drafted in to help with the fundraising campaign.It goes like a rocket, says TV presenter and design collaborator Les Murray.The toe is not used enough and with this harder toe it gives the player an extra dimension to get that shot off under pressure, Redknapp said.Studded and non-studded, all football boots have studs, except for astro turf football boots.A player can achieve surprising power, control and accuracy using the toe area which makes a significant difference, according to Hardie.
Football boot brands are constantly making innovations to bring their customers the most up to date developments.
Helps protect footballers from ever more common metatarsal injuries that can keep players on the side lines for months at a time.

Some of the top brands come in unique designs such as bold geometrics and chevrons which are a striking choice and are in demand.
Tests have proved that the new design enables you to kick more effectively, accurately, safely and powerfully with the concave toe.
Redknapp said in a promotional video he tried the boots on and found them very comfortable.